Make an Herb Spiral! The ultimate raised bed... from Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist by Michael Judd

Not your typical rectangular raised beds

How To Build The Ultimate Compost Bin DIY

Herb spirals add instant character and edible architecture to your landscape. Spirals are a great way to grow an abundance of herbs and plants in a small space. The herb spiral creates multiple micro-climates for a range of favorite herbs. Starting at the top where it is sunny and windy Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, oregano and thyme are planted, winding down chives to the north, parsley and cilantro to the east, sage, basil and lavender to the south, wrapping up with water cress or fla...

Handy for strawberries. Easy to build. Combined with keyhole technique, this could be fantastic.

Raised herb spiral beds.

Cool idea to use cindar blocks to make raised bed and then mosiac them. Very cool! Florida Survival Gardening: A hugelkultur cinderblock raised bed (with mosaics)

Herb garden edging. Lavendar edging the driveway, herbs in pots looking ornamental.

Tight on space? Have a weak back or pesky pests? Short on time? Stuck with bad soil or a short growing season? A raised garden bed addresses all those problems. And studies show gardeners can produce almost two times more veggies and flowers in a raised bed than in the same amount of regular yard space.

herb spiral

How To Build A Herb Spiral

How to Make An Herb Spiral

Perfect Cedar Complete Raised Garden Bed Kit - 8' x 8' x 20" ITEM #RB88 | This 8' x 8' self-contained, wraparound garden features a trellis, gate, fencing, and raised beds to grow fresh organic vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Raised garden bed design in wood or maybe brick

raised bed garden

Raised Vegetable Garden Design Ideas | Tiered! Love this! photo via Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

So much cheaper than wood for a raised garden bed. . .

Raised bed garden ideas: Tiered look < How to build a raised bed for your garden - Want this for herbs. Front yard?

Amazing raised bed design. Raised garden or flower bed. Walk into the walkway and pick from your garden easily

Two Double-Tiered Raised Garden Beds

15 Benefits of a Herb Spiral in Your Garden. If you have limited sun, space or time to garden but want a highly productive, energy efficient way to grow food, then a Herb Spiral may be the perfect solution. This clever vertical garden design offers urban gardeners so many benefits and can prove a valuable asset for those living in climates that are too wet or dry. Read more @ | The Micro Gardener