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Trends in gender and film, 2007-2009. Smith, Choueiti, and Gall.

Smith and Choueiti, gender and the creators of family films (G, PG, PG13).

Appearance indicators by gender. Smith, Choueiti, and Gall.

Gender Prevalence in Best Picture Nominated Films by Time--Smith, Choueiti, and Gall

Smith, Choueiti and Gall: Percentage of Females On Screen by Involvement of Females Behind-­the-­Scenes

Age, by gender of speaking characters in film. Smith, Choueiti, and Gall.

Smith and Choueiti, appearance indicators by character gender, in family films (G, PG, PG-13).

Smith and Choueiti, percentage of female characters in family films by presence of females behind the scenes.