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Sampson | Historic Carousel & Museum, Albany Oregon He is a Rhode Island Red rooster and as his pose indicates he is in one heck of a hurry. sports a grey metal band (carved, of course, from Basswood) on his left let that is imprinted with the family name. Individual names of Josh, Arianna, and Conner are inscribed within the purple tail feathers and represent grandchildren.

Young American Illustrator Alexander Vidal created a cute toy set that any cool kid would want. Two of his imagination stimulating sets feature animals from the Pantanal and the Arctic regions. The wooden boxes contain uncommon animals such as a beluga, a whale, a stellar sea lion, a giant anteater, a lowland tapir, a giant otter, a piranha, a capybara, a banded armadillo, a black caiman, and a burrowing owl, making the sets the perfect toy for every little explorer.

Creative Toys to Stimulate Their Imagination

Nowadays, we often look for kids’ fun in a digital world. This is wonderful because there are lots of amazing apps but we also like those traditional games which bring us to our origins, to those classic toys that are updated to be stimulating and funny again. Today we bring you the collection of Shusha […]