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memento mori.

On wings blowing through time. The space between wanting and feeling. the final rest desired upon kneeling. the desire for eyes further closing. the closing of thoughts as time is fleeting. ~X~ ~~~~ Memento Mori Card *unknown* ~~~~

Death, a poem. Via Olivia Frankenstein

When I am needed, I'll come to you. Why do you fear me? I am your friend.

Mors Ultima Linea Rerum (Death the Final Boundary of Things), c1570Photograph: Wellcome Images/The Richard Harris Collection Death: Wellcome Collection http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/gallery/2012/nov/09/death-a-self-portrait-wellcome-collection?intcmp=239#/?picture=398753214=9

Death: A Self-portrait – in pictures

Flemish, c. Mors ultima linea rerum Translation of the Latin: Mors sceptra ligonibus aequat "Death makes sceptres and hoes equal." Mors vltima linea rerum "Death, the final boundary of.

Alchemical scroll | England, 16th Century

Alchemical scroll, England, s. XVI - Notice "the dragon held his tail in his mouth and drops of his blood fell into the silvery liquid below" The symbolism is both cryptic and enticing

Old Scary Illusions

Skull Optical Illusion Cigarette Case Metamorphic Girls Puppy Dog Goth Macabre Dark Vicorian ID Business Card Credit Card Holder Wallet

chukart: “ Anatomy Occultus - V2 - A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic Adam Kadmon form. Archival Prints available in 9x19 on watercolor paper, 12x24 on cotton rag paper available for...

Anatomy Occultus A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic & Adam Kadmon form by Artist, Chuk Vinson - the joining of the serpent DNA with that of a human.


Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy of an artist

Skeletons in the closet

to have skeletons in the Closet = to have a hidden and shocking secret cool drawing halloween art print

Death Tarot Card.  A Major Arcana card, it portends the death of old ways & old habits. A spiritual death, which will clear the path for new ways, and new life lessons.  It can also portend the death of someone or something, if that is the question that has been asked.

XVII - Mortality- Nothingness Death Tarot - does not need be a bad card just end of one thing & beginning of new.