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If you were a cookie, you'd be a Whoreo. | Friendship Ecard

What’s so bad about menopause? What is the worst part of menopause, what makes it so hideous? We women are tough, resilient creatures and have a high tolerance of pain and stress. We keep working when we have ‘flu, we hardly notice if we have a cold, we put everyone and everything before our own needs. We are strong, supportive, loving, amazing people. The lynchpin of the family.

This is a list of people who asked for your opinion...some people need to realize this...feel free to give your opinion...but not everyone asks for it or wants to hear it!

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Aging requires a sense of humour or money for plastic surgery....Funny ecard -

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These are a few of my favorite pins. - Page 15

I explained to my mom what ecards are and then told her this one. It's a really good thing I was the one driving. She cracked up lol :-D