Summer hiatus? Wimps.

sherlockians and the ultimate hiatus challenge. I survived the Doctor Who Hiatus from

Kindly ask him to wait, close the door, go find a pillow scream into it like a crazy fangirl and then open the door, ready to assist him on a case.

I would hug him in his big black coat, ruffle his hair, and scream "I accept!" But then he'd probably change his mind.

It's an ear hat John!    Google Image Result for

Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock. A death frisbee, however.

I totally agree! When he said "my privilege" I just wanted to high five him! Heck yeah!!!

"The problems of your future are my privilege." John and Mary - Awww!

(INTJ) Sherlock does not let on his feelings very often.  He has a really hard time actually expressing his emotions to others.  However, rather than making other people feel warmer or comfortable by expressing his emotion, he internalizes them into his own moral code.  There is a reason he is not a villain like Moriarty, and that is because his internal sentiment favors the side of the law.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Why Sherlock Holmes actor can't get a girl (His half-sister says it's because he's so clever, and that anyone he dates would have to be a "smart cookie" to keep up with him.

Poor baby.

:D Truth. But if you know your seasons well, you'd know that that face doesn't even go with the caption.) But it's still hilarious.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Andrew Scott as Moriarty

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Andrew Scott as Moriarty have a confrontation in "The Reichenbach Fall" episode of the BBC's Sherlock

yes, striped sweaters and sponge bob/ Sherlock for the win!

yes, striped sweaters for the win :D ^^^"The best time to wear a striped sweater is ALLLL the TIIIIMMMME!