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Neil deGrasse Tyson and the value of philosophy

Human Circle - "Ubuntu" - African Philosophy [ùɓúntú] : "is a Nguni Bantu term (literally, "human-ness"") roughly translating to "human kindness"; in Southern Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe), it has come to be used as a term for a kind of humanist philosophy, ethic or ideology.." "

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This is the sort of religion I tolerate. I see the paradox/irony/juxtaposition/ etc of pinning this, but I like the sentiment.

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Komunitas Anak Alam on

Stop trying to force your children to obey and start teaching them how to be critical thinkers.

Live and fight for humanity. There is no god. All religions are false. Think about the real people who are here on Earth with you now, and the ones who will be here when we are dead. Abandon religion and embrace your fellow humans.

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Intensive Online Training Course in Transcript Proofreading

Hypatia of Alexandria (ca. CE 350-370 – March 415) on child indoctrination (secondary sources)

That's how I feel about women who say they don't need feminism. "That's fucking stupid, are you kidding me?" Thank you Patton Oswalt.