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Last night’s bruschetta action. I love summer. So many great fresh foods to enjoy. ❤️☀️ Happy Sunday, everyone!!

Oh baby! Latkes for breakfast! My husband worked hard shoveling snow this morning so I thought I should make him something nice. So pretty. Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

It's hard to find good Chinese food and after living some years in Uruguay I got into the habit of making all ethnic food myself since there wasn't any to be found. This is a simple, yet delicious, beef broccoli over rice.

Make your own pizza night in our house is pretty fun. I line all the possible ingredients up on the bar, roll out the crusts, and then let everyone happily top their pizzas the way they want.

My mom's pizza from make your own pizza night getting ready to go in the oven. Yum, yum! It's so great to build a pizza to your own taste.

Not much effort on my part here, but a delicious combination nonetheless! Organic grapes and club crackers (thanks Whole Foods!) with Boursin - possibly the most amazing cheese in the world.

Put it all together for one amazing low carb/Paleo/Wild Diet Friday night feast! Caesar salad with homemade dressing and no croutons, the mozzarella faucchi, and The Wild Diet Chicken Parmesan. Fantabulous!!

Oh goodness. This is our regular Monday night meal: sliders and oven fries. I love my sliders with Tillamook cheddar and homemade ranch dressing. On my oven fries, natural mayo and homemade fermented ketchup every time! Oh, and you can't forget the Bubbies fermented dill pickle on the side!

Sunday Funday! Shawn and I decided to try making some homemade churros with chocolate sauce yesterday morning. It was Super Bowl Sunday. A little celebration was in order, starting with breakfast.