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One of my favorite soups! It is lasagna soup, I just made a gluten free version with GF pasta. It was just as delicious and fun to have again after a long time.

Tonight I tried a recipe for chicken breast baked with cream of spinach, bacon, sun dried tomato, and topped with pepper jack cheese. The cheese I bought didn't melt! So weird. It still tasted great. We also had a mixed greens salad and sautéed veggies with it.

MY favorite soup! French onion soup with garlic toasted bread and lots of Swiss. This is the real thing, Soupe a l'Oignon au Fromage. Amazing. I made it from scratch, starting with some lovely organic beef bones I found at my local farm store.

This was another "Two Greedy Italians" recipe. It is a slow simmered, multi-meat stew placed in the center of a cheesy polenta ring. It is a family meal because you just put it on a board and hand everyone a fork. It was delicious, too!

My husband loves tacos carne asada and I told him I would try a recipe. They turned out really well! I was pleasantly surprised. The meat had a very good marinade and the recipe came complete with an excellent roasted salsa recipe. It was worth the effort!

I loved this gorgeous salad! Green onions, radishes, avocado, mushrooms, cabbage, tomato, celery, beets, basil, flat leaf parsley, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper. Yum!!

Fatayer bi Sabanekh... simply put, this is a spinach pastry seasoned with onion, lemon, and sumac. A meat or cheese variety exists that I will pin shortly, but the spinach is my favorite. Dip them in plain yogurt and you have a healthy meal that is different and easy to make. Instead of making the dough from scratch, you could use Rhodes frozen rolls and simply make the stuffing from scratch. It will taste just as good!

One-Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

One Pan #Chicken #Burrito Bowls ~ Once you will try to make this easy version of burrito at home, you will cook it for ages!

Ina Garten's amazing Beef Bourguignon with toasted garlic bread. It makes the kitchen smell AMAZING!!!