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Gianfranco Uber (2016-07-29) Die blauäugig Angela. Mrs. Angela Merkel confirms his position on the immigration issue, but she is accused of too much naivete even by his own party. His is a difficult choice but brave and probably the only one possible

Gianfranco Uber (2016-03-26) Europe does not betray its own humanitarian skills and respect for tradition . Happy Easter to you all , wherever you are . EUROPEAN EASTER

Gianfranco Uber (2016-09-10) Europe: THE SLEEP OF EUROPE PRODUCE WALLS.....refugee (thanks to Francisco Goya

Gianfranco Uber (2016-04-05) Yesterday began the implementation of that agreement, shameful for me, between Europe and Turkey for the forced repatriation of stranded migrants in Greece, managed no one knows how by the Erdogan regime. In parallel the new scandal "PAPER LEAKS" reveals how easy it is instead the international movement of legitimate money or dirty, legal or illegal and in spite of the most stringent embargoes.n ILLEGAL MIGRANTS

Gianfranco Uber (2016-06-15) Euro 2016: HUNGARY-AUSTRIA 2-0. The Danube derby honors the Hungarian tactic. The football European Championship help to forget about the annoying problem of migrants

Gatis Sluka (2016-04-21) Last year 87% of the 900,000 migrants making the journey to Europe came through Greece but, following the European Union’s new deal with Turkey, smugglers’ gangs are already sizing up Libya – which is mired in the chaos of civil war – as an alternative route.. Traffic of migrants