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This super chunky knit blanket is an awesome prop for baby photo! NEED!

Chirstmas pics! Remy has to try this.


TONS of super cute car seat covers. Saving this site for later!

new born photography without all the props

Water Blob: Tutorial

Cute 1st birthday

industrial unpoppable bubbles - Say what


Watercolor fun you can take with you! I’m so excited about this simple little idea! These homemade just-add-water paint pages make it easy to say “yes” to painting,

super sweet

daddy and baby--that is too cute

40 fabulous toddler crafts

6 cups water, 1 cup corn syrup, 2 cups regular strength Joy dish soap. Previous pinner said- They were industrial strength, un-poppable.

Polka Dot Bath. Craft foam circles from craft store sticks to tub when wet! We are definitely doing this!

Dr Suess' OOBLECK!!!...This stuff looks awesome. You're allowed to play with this as a grown up also, right?

Monster Hoodie

kangaroo care

Tips for encouraging strong sibling relationships- you mean keeping each other in a choke hold on the floor isn't a strong sibling relationship??

Toddler Approved!: My Mouth is a Volcano... and Other Tips and Tools to Teach Kids Who Interrupt

snow angel...

Pillow Blanket I want to make this now

so cute