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I did a painting very similar to this years ago--mine had more color. I LOVE this contrast silhouette affect. Painting by Taras Loboda. Original in colour. tenebrism low key


Studio Harcourt, Paris. They use no flash only Tungsten lighting. Each part of the body or the face is illuminated separately by a light with a power of 500watt. Each light have also barndoors, so the photographer can manipulate the beam of light, a small part is lighted. Noticed the use of reflectors to lower the contrast in the shadows. Camerasetting: f5,6 for a small DOF 1/125sec for a not blurry portrait and 85mm as lens. There’s little postproduction, only the contrast is set higher.


Caminando la noche Escuchando la música del asfalto Y un cerco de faroles desteñidos Van acompañando Mi regreso a casa