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Black & White Photography: Part 3

Saw something like this on this technique! Quite beautiful the simplicity of black and white

Rinko Kawauchi Seeing Rinko Kawauchi’s photographs for the first time really hit home for me. Her simplistic approach to photographing Japan’s landscape gave me a nostalgic feeling. Dry grass on a mountain being burned reminds me of California and it’s battle every summer with wildfires. People unfamiliar with California believe that earthquakes are something we fear and go through everyday, but in reality, wildfires are the biggest natural, but mostly man made disasters.

sequence photographie duane mickeals 06 Les séquences photographiques de Duane Michals  photo art
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Les séquences photographiques de Duane Michals

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Ce Photographe Illustre sa propre Dépression avec des Autoportraits Poignants - page 10

Different people have different ways of coping with depression, and for Edward Honaker, that coping mechanism is his self-portrait photography. His photos turn his depression into something that can be seen and, hopefully, better understood.