Rebecca Vincent

Valeriane Leblond

Gene Brown (born in Oregon, USA; BFA 1960 in Advertising Art from CA College of Arts & Crafts; freelance from Dallas since 1962): acrylic stylized landscape

amazing "naive art" by Henry Vitor

Painting by Valériane Leblond. It would make an amazing quilted wall hanging.

Valeriane Leblond

I'm in love with this lovely painting

landscape with cool sky

valeriane leblond

Valeriane LeBlond

Valeriane Leblond

Tim Gagnon , Expressionist Barn.

Valeriane Leblond


painting driftwood

Lu Green

Birch. I know this isn't a picture, but I don't have a section for paintings.

Would be a nice "stained glass" quilt

/// Valeriane Leblond