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Ultralight Stove Kit - Designed for backpacking, but also great to include in a bug out bag or 72-hour kit. Basically, you use these to boil water and then add to dehydrated foods like instant potatoes, minute rice, or Knorr pasta kits. Fuel used is inexpensive HEET fuel additive (high test alcohol).

Ultralight Backpacking Cook Sets - Lots of these along the Appalachian Trail. You can easily make your own ultralight cook set and stove and use the money saved for a better sleeping bag. Your cook set should weigh less than a pound. These are about 6-8 ounces.

Complete step-by-step instructions on building a home-made alcohol stove from a soda can. These boil a pint of water in just over 4 minutes on just a half-ounce of alcohol. I'd consider keeping one of these and a small yellow bottle of HEET on-hand in my 72-hour kit.

Adventure Alan's Ultralight Backpacking: Backpacking Food

Tons of Bug Out Bags / 72 hr kits to see!

WE ARE SAFE!!~ prepping safety camping bug out bag kits dog and human

build a fire making kit. It's small and can fit easily in your bug out bag.

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Old school pencil sharpener to make fire tender. 99 cents and add to bug in, bug out bag.