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      Ultralight Stove Kit - Designed for backpacking, but also great to include in a bug out bag or 72-hour kit. Basically, you use these to boil water and then add to dehydrated foods like instant potatoes, minute rice, or Knorr pasta kits. Fuel used is inexpensive HEET fuel additive (high test alcohol).

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    American Red Cross Emergency Kit

    This is a comprehensive FREE download with excellent guidelines for multiple aspects of preparation, storage, bugging out, signs of national problems that may lead to SHTF situations etc. Good shopping guides for storage items & tuition on life of stores- signs of decay in consumables. Methods of communication & personal experiences from ppl who went thru SHTF situations.

    Communicate in a disaster even without a mobile network using Serval Mesh | Off grid survival tips at #wildernesssurvival #outdoorsurvival #survivaltips Smart tips to ensure you are able to communicate in (almost) any disaster.

    The 5 Gallon Emergency Bucket ... and most of the things in it can be gotten at the Dollar store. #themoreyouknow

    FEMA app - FEMA has released a new app that covers a variety of activities. Pandemics are missing from disaster list and the post-space weather actions focus solely on refrigerators for some reason. Available for most mobile devices.

    In A Disaster, This Device Lets People Communicate Without A Cell Signal, Wi-Fi, Or Power | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

    The Ampware Crankcase (shown above) will be available for the iPhone 5, 5S and 6 models.Designers claim it can provide up to three hours of power by winding the handle for just five minutes

    How to Store Water Discretely on Your Property

    Disaster Ready Church - NAMB disaster info for disaster resilient churches.

    This Is How Ebola Patients Are Equipping Their Homes

    Use 3 to 5 tea lights under a slow cooker pot / crockpot to heat your room. I have tried flowerpot, plantpot heaters and this is way better. Throws out a lot more heat, doesn't smell like some clay ones tend to do, plus you don't have to mess about with multiple pots or nuts and bolts. I used a small crock 1.5ltr which gave out loads of heat. Give it a try. You will be surprised how well it works. Ideal if you have power cuts / power outages.

    Converting a regular toilet to emergency toilet is easy, cheap and could bring some normality into any disaster situation.

    WaterPrepared - Stackable 160-gallon emergency water tanks.

    safe room diy

    In Case of Emergency, This App Could Help Save Your Life

    Disaster Recovery for Small Business - Webinar presentation by Timothy Lee, Arkansas SBTDC Lead Center. Covers the 5-step recovery process and introduces the Open for Business - Basic disaster planning tool. (1-hour)

    Pet Emergency Preparedness #pet #pets

    They always say "drop and cover" but in actuality, there are safer places. an open area outside is best, but a braced triangle is by far the safest if you are inside.

    How to build a 10X6 ft. storm shelter for under $2,000

    "Cozy Cavern" which is a totally underground STEEL tornado shelter.

    National Center for Disaster Preparedness - FREE online preparedness and emergency response certificate training courses, webinars, and lectures.

    You Have 5 Minutes to Evacuate…

    Checklist for Re-Opening Your Business After a Disaster - Great post-disaster business recovery checklist developed by the Kentucky SBDC and re-branded with their permission. Used during the recent Mayflower / Vilonia F4 tornado.

    Bottle Charger Turns a Plastic Bottle into an Off-Grid Cell Phone Charger | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

    How to Tweet Responsibly in Severe Weather