HP comments on Woman In Black trailer. Love love love. People after my own heart.


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Shame on you Ron lol!

This is what Harry Potter is to a lot of people my age. I can't tell you how many people from grade school I saw at the midnight showing of the last movie. We shared memories. We laughed, cried, and hugged each other - even if we hadn't spoken in years. It was like graduation all over again, except this was the moment where it truly felt like our childhoods were ending.

It is a part of so many people's hearts. It is my childhood, it was my first love. I, along with Alan and the many other people in this world will keep Harry's world alive. Much beyond what any of us though it may one day become. Harry is a part of us all, let us thank J.K. for giving us our fantasies. ~ <3

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I need a moment. This is too much sadness. :'(

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Voldy got moldy so lets all have fun! :) @Haley Davis


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