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Brotherly love (oh my gosh, how great would this picture be when they're older?)

Awwww! I'm planning on Doing this and hanging it up in my kitchen! Love it!

I can't handle this photograph - it hurts my eyes from the beauty ♥

I really like the idea of a heart shaped chalkboard to mount on the wall, especially fun for weekly baby photos or something where you can write little things or just their name :).

cutest photo idea EVER!~!!!!!

"My Grandfather used to do this with me when I was a baby. People always looked really anxious and asked him what he was doing. He would simply reply, "I'm teaching her to trust me."

christmas baby! precious! @Katiehoward you have to do this with Noah!

This is a portrait picture of a baby being bathed using a jug and a water basin. This to me is a very 'cute' picture as the baby has his/her hands together and his/her eyes closed when the water is poured over his/her. like a silent prayer