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*Ships* Ship. SHIP. Ship. SHIP IT. Ship. Ship. Ship. Shiiip iiit. Guys I've got too many ships and fandoms... and it hurts. It's beautiful...! But it hurts. Little help?


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sam & dean Winchester quotes This literally made me laugh out loud.......who am I kidding - the show makes me laugh....unless it's making me cry

one of the funniest episodes tall tales #supernatural yeah-i-m-what-you-d-call-obsessed-with-supernatura

Misha is awesome! This couple is so lucky! and this made me laugh entirely too much! lol

SO ADORABLE!!! I don't even ship them because there is no denying it! It's not even a question, they're meant for each other <3

mishapocalypse: meeshl: churchofcas: deadbrownie: hey-assbutts: king-misha: midorisanni: mishasminions: