I have TWO! Not so much babies any more at 16 and 27.~~~ I had no idea that there were so many things that have done in my life that other people only dream of doing and have on their bucket lists. I need to be grateful for each experience that comes my way.


no complications i hope!

and watch them grow up...

Done. 1.11.13 <3

someday :))

a bucket list for girls.. Yay! This happened for me this year!



hopefully i finally did this one!

bucket list

Bucket List. I have 2 boys so a little girl would be perfect. Although more of a dream as i have no control over it. LOL X

One of my top 10!!!! I want to have twin baby boys sooo bad!!!

A dream

Your Bucket List.

Your Bucket List. This one hurts!! I wish I could have!! But my dad has passed. I wish I could have married before he passed! He wanted me to settle down and get married more than anything.


Bucket list

Bucket List.