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    I am starting my bucket list. I already have had one beautiful baby girl but I would like to have at least one more so this goes on my bucket list ;)


    :) thanks Universe for granting my wish! ♥

    bucket list for girls

    someday :))

    My Bucket List: Move in with the one I love… after we're married. Via PerfectBucketList on Tumblr. ☐ #bucket #list #bucketlist #marriage #spouse #husband #wife

    Every year


    wow!! Not sure how one goes about living a life with no regrets. We're constantly changing and making decisions..... not many of us can truly say we've not regretted some of our choices. That questioning and trying to do better, be better, makes the journey so intersting. I think the "what ifs" keep us on our toes!

    The Foodist Bucket List #bucketlist #soulLOVEfest



    before you die ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bucket list, before i die, quotes, pictures, bucketlist, text, phrase y saying

    someday this WILL come true ♥ too many lives have been taken away from cancer. Love you grandpa ♥

    [bucket list]

    Done. 1.11.13 ♥



    Go on a no-budget shopping spree / although I'm not very keen on shopping as a form of entertainment I'd love to try this / #BeforeIDie #Before #I #Die

    This is perfect for our Bucket list!!! We should make this together! Or if you want I can get started on it so that when we see each other we can do some of the things in it.

    Yes please but I have really been looking for "Have Breakfast at Tiffany's" ( Done) and watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" .( Done several times)