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    Cats...because cats! this is just like my cats!

    Cat logic, couldn't be more true

    I figured out why my grandma's cat goes missing every Saturday.

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    This kitten who underestimated the size of this pug. | 28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You

    funny pictures - Cat Logic

    so funny!

    Love this. Had a "friend" once that was scared to death of cats. I had cats. Kind of funny, looking back on it now. Life Before Cats Vs. Life After Cats

    Because I'm all about those cats.

    so true!

    If I fits, I sits.

    I acquire photos like these to send to my human to remind her that her quintessential Black Cat of royal parentage has made a request....Not over bright, she sees black cat-takes hint leaves her book or computer and feeds me.

    If not made for sits, then why does it fits

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    Real happiness

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