Every Cake You Bake: Jam of the petals of violets

Confiture de rose

Violet Jam

Lavender Jam.

Old Fashioned Sweet Violet Syrup.. So pretty! If you don't add sugar you could use this to dye your creams, good idea. :) #penguinkids #SupportTheCrayons

Every Cake You Bake: Tort fiołkowy

Violet Petal Preserves

violet jelly

Rose Petal Jam Recipe

edible flowers such as these lilacs can be used for infusing cream in recipes

Raspberry Vanilla Jam

Gâteau roulé très girly à la confiture de fraise

Low Sugar No Pectin Strawberry Jam Step by step tutorial on how to make a low sugar no strawberry jam. This is my kid and husbands favorite jam, we're doubling the amount we put up this year!

Grapefruit Jam

Violet Honey

Cranberry Orange Jam Recipe

Cake au citron2 CAKE AU CITRON & MASCARPONE- 125 g de beurre - 3 jaunes d’œufs + 1 œuf - 200 g de sucre en poudre - 200 g de farine - 1/2 sachet de levure chimique - 1 pincée de sel - 180 g de mascarpone - Le jus de 2 citrons bio - Le zeste d’un citron

Raspberry Vanilla Jam.

Recette coeur coulant au chocolat très facile, recette de Saint Valentin. Gâteau au chocolat, moelleux au chocolat. @valeriemousseau

Carmel Apple Jam Recipe.... your apple jam will never be the same again!