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Frugal crafts - outdoor black rubber door mat from dollar store. Spray painted with Heirloom White from Home Depot. Sand to get a rustic feel.

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art wanted a vintage iron piece for the wall but could not find an inexpensive one. Our dollar store had some outdoor black rubber door mats. I purchased a few then spray painted them with Heirloom White from Home Depot.- Very clever!

Rubber mat on cabinet doors-neat! You could even do this on canvas for a piece of art :)

Erin's DIY Doormat Wall Art — Lemon Tree Creations

stained wooden boards with a dark stain - placed doormat on top - then sprayed over all with 4 light coats of creamy colored paint. When you remove it the stained wood that was covered by the mat leaves a beautiful design.

I MUST DO THIS!!!!! How amazing does this look for so little time and money?!  Create a vintage iron piece for your wall. You'll need black outdoor rubber door mats, white spray paint and some sanding paper.  Just spray paint the rubber doormats and after they are completely dry, sand them here and there to give them an aged feel.   #DIY #Decor (Source: salvagedior.com)

Rubber Door Mat Wall Art (good idea for the metal screen for the air return on the laundry room door)The most frugal decor idea I've ever seen: a vintage iron piece for the wall. Go to the dollar store for an outdoor black rubber door mat. Then spray pain

Cut Canvas -- and even consider framing the good ones!

Nine Red: New Love: Cut Canvas. Put canvas face down on surface and cut out patterns. Then paint.

spray paint edges of dollar store artwork. cover with chosen fabric or scrapbook paper.  spray with enamel.  add command tape to back and stick

DIY Wall Art Made from Dollar Store Canvas Pieces and Scrapbook Paper (Would Probably Work with Fabric Too). Maybe you could use wood scraps to attach the paper to, or possibly foam board.

Voor deze stapstenen heb je niet veel nodig: een kartonnen buis, een rubberen deurmat, beton en olie.

Concrete stepping stones made from a cardboard tube, rubber doormat cut to fit and a little oil for releasing the stone & mat from the form after curing for 48 hours.

ALL STATES AVAILABLE Mason Jar Vase Repurposed Candle holder Rustic Wood Sign Wall Decor Rustic Americana Chic Housewarming Wedding Gift

Could I DIY? Illinois State with Re-purposed Mason Jar Vase/Candle holder (Pictured in Moss) Pine Wood Sign Wall Decor Rustic Americana Country Chic. Create this for each state you've lived in?

manier om papier oud te maken

Aged paper- fill a spray bottle with strong coffee, cover paper and bake at 200 for about 6 min or until dry.

Old window at thrift store + glued dollar store flat glass beads = faux stained glass. Great for letting light in and privacy. | IfollowPics

Great idea for a bathroom window! Glass Pebbles from the Dollar Store create this stain glass window look. This would be fabulous in the garden with the sun beaming through.The Homestead Survival: 99 Cent Store Glass Pebble Stain Glass Window DIY.

Upcycled Picture Frames

Here's a thought - get antique frames (or cheap wood ones from Hobby Lobby), paint them in your wedding colors (or just cutesy fall colors) and use them in your centerpiece for table Styles Clothing Ideas Vintage