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Pastel Sunset over the Ocean. CLICK the PICTURE or check out my BLOG for more:


Turks and Caicos Wedding Weekend from Lindsay Madden Photography

Turks + Caicos.

"I wasn't alone on the beach. I never was. But if I found a small, empty place away from the running children and frisbee throwers, I could pretend. My knees pulled tight to my chest, I could stare straight out into the blue and the frothy white, and be completely, utterly alone in my thoughts. And that was exactly the way I wanted it. Until the day I saw the tawny-haired boy in the green shorts. That day everything changed."

'First Lava Tube' by CJ Kale "This is the first ever photo taken surf photography style with the lava down the wave. I entered the 110 + degree water filled with volcanic glass and lava bombs to take the first ever lava shot taken from in the breaking waves. It was a shoot of a lifetime after 3 days in the water with the lava, the lava broke out and covered the entire beach."

Idyllic Oceanside Landscapes Photographed by Andrew Smith