Bedroom for the dogs! Pocket "crate" doors slide back to open up the space for in-and-out access to the rest of the house.

Open attic. This is amazing!

Perfect way to hide a crate in a utility room or mud room so the dog crates are not in the way

Corner rod for planning outfits/what to wear the next day. clever for those wasted corner spaces.

These doors are amazing. Finally a modern response to the age old 'sliding glass doors.'~love these doors~

"Dog house" is actually hidden access to a doggie door, providing visual & physical security against intruders.

Ping Pong Door design concept by Tobias Fränzel

If you are building an new home!!! slide out dog/kid doors... this is the greatest idea EVER... no more baby gates!!!

For the dogs

Caitlin Wilson Coral Deco Pillow| Perfect master bedroom from Jillian Harris

Pocket gates for dogs or kids. This is a great idea!

Tiny Little House.

The bottom of a closet is always a mess and wasted space...this solves that!

Much better than a Crate!!! <3

this -> In my dream house we have an entire dog room. It's where they will eat, where they get bathed, where I can put them when we have company that I don't want them jumping on or sticking their noses up their butts. It also has a doggie door to the dog run yard outside. I love my dream house. Can't wait to move in.

dutch door for the kitchen.

dog house

Pet Den

smart way to keep dog bowls out of the way!!!