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    LOVEABLE LOO Eco Toilet, Fully Assembled and Finished

    White toilet paper holder extra roll with shelf. $29.50, via Etsy.

    BioBags will make emptying our composting toilet a far more pleasant experience. #toilet

    Tall Man's Tiny House #toilet

    Simple powder room

    Two for One Perfect for those tiny bathrooms, this all-in-one solution puts a hand-washing sink over the toilet tank. It also saves money by channeling used “greywater” into the tank for flushing the toilet! A lever on the side of the little counter controls water to the faucet. Read more:

    Man Builds 200 Sq. Ft. Solar Off Grid Tiny House one level ladder to loft!

    The Small House Catalog: toilet/sink combo, a space saver and if you didn't want to use it there's always the kitchen sink a few steps away

    take a few design ideas from this Canadian cob house. Maybe it is time to start a design notebook. Find out more at

    The Toilet That Will Change the World! this is seriously the coolest toilet ever for an RV or a tiny house!!!! no water, no chemicals, no STINK, sooo neat

    How To Build a Solar Powered Off Grid Cabin for $2k

    Nature's Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

    AQUS water reclamation system, which takes your bathroom’s sink water and recycles it for flushing in your toilet - saves up to 6000 gallons of water each year

    Laura shares with us the story of how she added solar power to her tiny house in Ontario and learned along the way. She shares some really good info. for folks interested in adding solar to their home.

    Solar Shingles, I would love these in my next house!! Along with a solar driveway #noshoving #usethesun

    With costs down 75% and efficiency up by half, solar energy is less expensive now than it has ever been in history. Add in government tax credit incentives, and this is the perfect time to go solar! (But only if you move fast, as the tax credits are set to expire on December 31, 2016.) So what's the best solar company for your home? Read why we've been particularly impressed with Sunrun.

    The Aqua catches the water flowing down your sink drain, filters and disinfects it, and stores it ready for the next toilet flush. It is designed to be easily retrofit into existing fixtures and boasts low maintenance. Gravity and a small electric pump transport the water from the 5.5 gallon (21 L) holding tank installed under the sink. A device in the toilet tank prevents fresh water inflow as long as sufficient water is available in the Aqus to do the job. Awesome!

    DIY Outdoor Solar Table Lamp. Love this idea!

    climateregions Passive Solar Design for Tiny Houses

    SunDanzer’s DC refrigerator, referred to as a solar refrigerator, has been working great for us. Through out the whole winter, I haven’t heard the motor run once. No turning on and off like conventional refrigerators.The Sundanzer Solar-Powered Refrigerator uses less power than my laptop.