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Composting Toilet w/ Storage

Two for One Perfect for those tiny bathrooms, this all-in-one solution puts a hand-washing sink over the toilet tank. It also saves money by channeling used “greywater” into the tank for flushing the toilet! A lever on the side of the little counter controls water to the faucet. Read more:


This orange delight cost $17,000 to build, sits on a lot the couple owns and contains a full kitchen where they are able to cook and bake, a bathroom with a sink, an RV sized tub and a shower and toilet. The vaulted living room has window sills that are wide enough for their cat to sit on and the sleeping loft has a queen size bed. #toilet

The Toilet That Will Change the World! this is seriously the coolest toilet ever for an RV or a tiny house!!!! no water, no chemicals, no STINK, sooo neat

  • Cindy Truex

    Hey here is your bathroom for the garage..........

  • Debi Brown

    its going in our rv

  • Dawn Milburn

    Wow, take environmentally friendly disposable waste (urine and feces) and make it complete not bio-degradable! May be convenient but so bad for the environment.

  • Seth Perez

    don't worry they say their working on biodegradable cartridges.

  • Jamie Montgomery

    You will spend more money in bags in a year than if you went composting or even incinerating...

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A 280 square feet tiny home on wheels with wet bath and composting toilet in Nampa, Idaho. Built by Tiny Idahomes.

Sloan Aqua Greywater System

Laura shares with us the story of how she added solar power to her tiny house in Ontario and learned along the way. She shares some really good info. for folks interested in adding solar to their home.

  • Katharine Lindley

    People like you Andrew are who are annoying. Why be so rude to someone that actually did nothing to you and that you don't even know

  • Keith Rogers

    Thanks Katharine! I'm not going to respond to anymore comments from people like that! Your kind comments are appreciated!

  • Katharine Lindley

    You're welcome Keith! We must just try and ignore such things. Gonna run into to some rudeness on the Internet from time to time

  • Keith Rogers

    For sure, too common these days! On & off the internet! The "Golden Rule" doesn't seem to be the norm these days! Better days are coming, I believe! God's blessings to you & yours Katharine!!

  • Katharine Lindley

    Exactly! And thank you so much blessings to you as well

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The Aqua catches the water flowing down your sink drain, filters and disinfects it, and stores it ready for the next toilet flush. It is designed to be easily retrofit into existing fixtures and boasts low maintenance. Gravity and a small electric pump transport the water from the 5.5 gallon (21 L) holding tank installed under the sink. A device in the toilet tank prevents fresh water inflow as long as sufficient water is available in the Aqus to do the job. Awesome!

Gray water has a lot of potential if it is treated in the right manner. It must be understood that gray water should not contain any organic or human waste and chemicals, hence the most suitable source of gray water are sinks, bath tubs, washing machines, dishwashers and showers. This water can then be cleaned via filters for watering gardens and filling up toilet tanks for flushing. Gray water is not to be used for drinking purposes as it is impure and is partially filtered. However, even if...

Yellow house boat - I would LOVE to have a look through this one - - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at

primitive country plate rack kitchen cupboard, from etsy. can order it in any color. lovely.