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This is the most accurate one!!!


Curly hair problem - Going to sleep with wet hair, and looking like Hagrid when you wake up. too true.

Story of my life

Curly Hair Problem Not having the time, patience or upper body strength to straighten your hair. Well at least upper body strength isn't an issue for me!

True! humor-is-good-for-the-soul

attempting to tan.not a red head but definitely pale people issues, lol.

YES!! This is my problem... and then I always wonder if a different brand would work better. Turns out, they all suck!


last minute plans


Love them or hate them, if you have curls, you've probably experienced some of these issues. I encourage you to submit your own curly hair concerns.

there are tumbler pages for everything. curly hair favorite


Curly Hair Problem Chasing women with beautiful curls down the street to ask them what products they use.

Ha!!!  SO afraid of bugs/spiders!!!  If a snake gets ON ME, I'd SEE it!  If a spider got in my hair, I'd freak out!!!  : { (Walking into a spiderweb is one of the scariest feelings!!!) : {


Curly Hair Problem I get stuff in my hair ALL the time! This stuff is flamable!

Yeah, sure, I'll try that "volumizing" shampoo... um, no thanks.


Curly Hair Problem Skipping the hairstyling section in the magazines, because none of it applies to you.

yes. yes yes yes so true


Just remember that for those of you with straight hair.before my perm, permanently curled my hair.

Curly Hair Problems

Curly Hair Problem: The awkward moment when you wake up, and your hair is a mix between a bird's nest and a 'fro.

Curly hair problem #508

Mine is wavy hair, but it's the same problem. I can do the exact same thing (same product, same amount, in the same weather conditions) and it never looks the same way twice.

ALL the time lol


I love my curls, but I still feel a slight pang of jealous when I see girls brushing their hair without wincing, fuzzy, frizzy mess.