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Understanding our basic human rights #humanrights #infographic

Understanding our basic human rights #humanrights #infographic

funny ads

I think the coffee elevator, I would take the stairs. Really like the dog ad. Omg the condom so hilarious

This idea except the shadow of the words make another message

This is really interesting. The reverse letters cut out, and then the shadow beneath really gives this some texture and visual interest. I would immediately be interested in what this poster has to tell me.

2 композиционных центра: фото девушки в шляпе и использование декоративного жирного шрифта. Контраст цвета: девушка и надпись выше - светло-голубой, а надпись черная. В то же время, есть общее между ними: черный ободок на шляпе девушки.

10 Rules of Composition All Designers Live By

gravat poster by quim marin

Graphic design poster layout Great list of Educational Resources for Studying Graphic Design Online poster Graphic design inspiration

This is a Human Rights Poster. Placing typography in a not very clear way makes audiences also focus on the girl's emotion.

Afghan Refugee, Peshawar, 2010 (US). Photographed by Steve McCurry in Pakistan Amnesty International. Amnesty International posters - in pictures.

I want this poster in my home. A M N E S T Y international poster

Amnesty International posters - in pictures

Credit: Amnesty International Design: Amnesty International, 1995 (Israel) A poster for the Israeli branch by graphic designer Lemel Yossi KL-Great use of limited color, negative space and type

No need words when "Mont Blanc" says all with his visual.

I like how they used the tip of the pencil to recreate the shape of a mountain. This provides a new perspective. Using the pencil to recreate a scene that relates to the Swiss brand (i. the Swiss Alps).

great band. love the idea of light bulb tattoos. keep thinking, creating, ideas

The Lumineers gig poster I love the verticality of the hanging light bulbs and the glow off the bulbs

Peter and the Wolf (2006)

Best Graphic Design of 2013

This book cover shows excellent figure ground/negative space. The contours formed by the position of the fox serve as the shape of a boy, I'm assuming "Peter." This empty space also creates a wonderful focal point for the book title to nestle into.

Grafous :: Diseño gráfico activista :: Aung San Suu Kyi :: Amnistia internacional

This optical puzzle was produced for Amnesty International by advertising agency Leo Burnett Warsaw with the tagline: “Looking through bars hurts.

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