The Real Neuroscience of Creativity. So yea, you know how the left brain is really realistic, analytical, practical, organized, and logical, and the right brain is so darn creative, passionate, sensual, tasteful, colorful, vivid, and poetic? No. What if this is totally wrong. I'm sure this impacts on ADHD - not sure how

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right brain left brain

Left Brain - Right Brain.... Now I know why every test I've taken indicates I'm right brain.

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Illustration- Circulation system of the head

How Art Activates the Brain In his book Inner Vision: An Exploration of Art and the Brain, neurophysiologist Semir Zeki analyzes recent research into what goes on inside the brain while a person is looking at artwork.

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Neuroplasticity: Learning Physically Changes the Brain: How lessons and experiences can shape and grow your students' brains over time.

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How Trauma Affects The Brain Of A Learner | As researchers work to solve one of the most persistent problems in public education – why kids in poor neighborhoods fail so much more often than their upper-income peers – more and more they're pointing the finger at what happens outside the classroom.

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The Brain.

... Caracteristicas de las PERSONAS CREATIVAS. 7- Están constantemente reestructurando las cosas. “LAS PERSONAS MÁS DISPERSAS SON LAS MÁS INTELIGENTES”: ESTUDIO.

Rewiring The Brain - We do control how well we Understand! The Brain is Elastic, GROW IT!