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Counter corners!!

Yes I scream in pain then fall on the floor like I've been shot playing dead. Then my cat comes and licks my nose and I sit up thinking "I've been saved! I've been licked by tuna breath kitty gross!

I'm hungry

This is actually so true I bored eat so much it's not even funny (it actually kinda is)

I clean, but I've been noticing I've been doing this more often as I got OLDER!!!

Teenager Post - Whenever I try cleaning my room I either end up making a bigger mess, or just playing with the things I thought I lost.

OMG this used to be me when I was a teen! .... Then a really scary, yet funny experience completely cured me of this fear!  LOL!

Its funny last night I was looking out and I told myself that no one's face is going to appear then my brother went outside, he jumped in front of the window and screamed.scared me half to death. Never looking out the window ever again.

This is me, and I'm not afraid to admit it. When people say: "You need to shut up. You're talking really loud." I will start yelling. It makes me mad when people tell me to talk quieter.

i think i am that friend. also, we all have that one friend who needs to shut the fuck up

At night: "Pfft... Scew life. Imma rebel. In he morning: "that was so stupid... I'm exhausted"

'Give me a gun and I'll do you Oslo-style': What English Defence League supporter allegedly wrote about Asians on Facebook

Omg yes I can relate to this I've been doing this a lot lately as I just don't feel tired at all in the night time and I can't sleep at all but then in the morning I oversleep it's a vicious circle tbh. But then I will do it all over again lol Xx