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PROPERTY FROM THE ESTATE OF MARY, DUCHESS OF ROXBURGHE - Natural pearl and diamond necklace, late 19th century - Composed of two graduated rows of natural pearls measuring from approximately 5.65 to 9.50mm, on a clasp of floral design set with circular-cut diamonds, length approximately 420mm.

PROPERTY OF A EUROPEAN NOBLE FAMILY: Emerald, seed pearl and diamond choker, late 19th century. The central jewel set with an octagonal step-cut emerald within a frame of cushion-shaped diamonds, on a band composed of seven rows of seed pearls.

PROPERTY FROM THE ESTATE OF MARY, DUCHESS OF ROXBURGHE: Natural pearl, ruby and diamond choker, early 20th century. Composed of four rows of natural pearls decorated with a floral motif set with a fancy-cut and circular-cut rubies, and single-cut diamonds, further accented with two geometric plaques set with circular-cut and baguette diamonds.

Natural pearl and diamond necklace, early 20th century and later. Of garland design, composed of a line of rose diamonds, supporting a fringe of drop, button and baroque shaped natural pearls, within frames of foliate motifs set with circular-, single-cut and rose diamonds, alternating with pendants set with similarly cut diamonds.

A NATURAL PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE The three strands composed of ninety-three, ninety-one and eighty-eight graduated natural pearls, measuring approximately 10.2 to 3.9 mm, to the openwork diamond-set clasp, mounted in gold.

PLATINUM, NATURAL PEARL AND DIAMOND PENDANT-NECKLACE Suspending a natural pearl measuring approximately 14.4 by 11.7 mm, topped and completed by a necklace set with numerous round, old European, baguette and rose-cut diamonds weighing approximately 11.75 carats