Light a white candle, while holding a quartz crystal think of the person you want to aid in healing. Imagine them getting better while chanting this chant 3 times

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~Money spell chant

Healing chants

Healing Prayer, sometimes to make spells a bit more real you should use names of women of your own clan, so you might go great grandmother ...... and grandmother ..... etc. Good luck

Healing spell...I could could use this as a basis for lighting a candle

Link takes a long time to load, no printables. On right side of page: Wish spell. Take a small piece of paper; upon it, in liquid ink; write down your wish, in detail; over the mosy important words of your wish; drop your favorite color candles wax; while the wax is still warm; into it press a piece of your hair; fold the paper in half; and in half again; while chanting the spell.

Cleansing Chant

Luck Chant by on @deviantART

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Acquire Your Desire Spell: Take a Horseshoe and put it around a red candle in a darkened room in the middle of the table. Write what you desire in black ink on white paper, chant the following as you write ... #wicca #witchcraft

IMBOLC Candle Chant

enchantment water spell. 1. Fill a bowl with a little salted water (sea salt) 2. Light a white candle and place it where the flame is reflected into the water. 3. Write on a piece of paper your desire, with a water coloured marker or a pencil while visualizing the thing you want. 4. Wait for the writing on the paper to evaporate. 5. The spell is now cast now pour the water and paper into the earth.

General spell for holding energy


Witchcraft Hex signs are simple symbols that you can use to help in working magick. The symbols are always easy to draw. You can carve these symbols onto candles when doing rituals or spells. You can draw them in sand, on paper, stitch them onto charm bags, and any other way you can think of to incorporate them into your magickal workings. Along the lines in history I think the term hex has gotten a bad name.


Shamanic Healing Chant - Darren John Maxwell, Modern Urban Shaman

Candle Magick Chant Wicca.