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24 Tips for New Teachers that Other Teachers Might Not Tell You. If you're a new teacher or a veteran, experienced teacher, there's something in this to help make your school life easier with classroom management, time management, teacher burnout, and to have more fun in the classroom.

Giving Attention Seeking Students the Right Kind of Attention

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Giving Attention Seeking Students the Right Kind of Attention

Positive Behavior Management Strategies for the Primary Classroom

Growth Mindset: Notes from the Teacher

Do you teach your students about growth mindset? These notes from the teacher are the perfect complement to my other growth mindset products, including my affirmation posters, flip books, and growth mindset privacy office! Easy to use for teachers and super beneficial for students, these 24 notes will reinforce your students for incorporating growth mindset concepts into their lives!

Supplies Teachers Need (That No One Warned Us About)! Here's a list created by a group of teachers! It's all those weird little things that really do come in handy! If you are a new teacher (or nearly new) then this freebie is for you!

Bad kids are just bad, right? Wrong. In fact, there are a variety of teacher-caused misbehaviors. Are you unintentionally encouraging your students to act up? Find out here!