Wade Davis' Office: This library is built like the rotunda of the Oracle's Temple of Delphi with natural lighting from the top. via CubeMe #Library #Wade_Davis #CubeMe

Now that's a hammock!

I'd probably spend a lot more time working if my library/office space looked like this...

no more dusting... :)...OH I SOOO WANT THIS IN MY DREAM HOME!

This bathroom is spectacular:)

Must have that ceiling if we do an office/library in our home!


wine cellar

A log home built over a creek that ran through the building site, glass floor. WOW!

books, books, and more books....

library :-P

I can smell the books just looking at the picture.

Would like to have this in my home library!



Some awesome ideas


Hovering bookcase.. At the Wade-Davis-Writing-Studio.

Sooo cool!!

Love this book tree

lovely home library