Wade Davis' Office: This library is built like the rotunda of the Oracle's Temple of Delphi with natural lighting from the top. via CubeMe #Library #Wade_Davis #CubeMe

wine cellar

This bathroom is spectacular:)

where can i get this?

A log home built over a creek that ran through the building site, glass floor. WOW!

It “makes vague reference to the classical Ionic order,” Katherine Newman says of the library in a postmodern Toronto house she designed with architectural designer/builder Peter Cebulak. The room’s finely carved capitals are complemented by a great number of noteworthy antiques, among them a circa 1790 satinwood worktable.

I can smell the books just looking at the picture.

Now that's a hammock!

This is awesome


I Want One!!!

awesome. when i get rich im getting one.

Perfect use of space, but getting the books from the top shelf would be problematic.

Library by the Sea


secret door

Awesome house ideas… (2 of 3)

aimee wilders | piña sola, delfin

What a fireplace!