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35 Random Acts of Kindness

32 Random Acts of Kindness to do with kids. i almost cried reading this and thinking how nice it would be to do all these things :) Need to have the kids pick and do at least one similar thing a week- the world needs more random acts of kindness

printable knock knock jokes for kids

Best Knock Knock Jokes for Kids - Printable Jokes for Kids

These funny knock knock jokes for kids will have you & your kids laughing. They are perfect for lunch box jokes. 20 printable Jokes for Kids

25 days of random acts of kindness.  I love this ideas to teach about true meaning of Christmas.

LOVE THIS IDEA! Random Acts of Kindness to do during the Holidays. Some call it RACK (random acts of Christmas kindness). Yet, RAK (random acts of kindness) is great!

If only more people took time to do this for their children!!! What I love is that each morning, Charlotte and Amelia rush to their envelopes to see what weve written. The notes are sometimes a simple observation of a charitable act or a quick drawing to make them laugh. I love that Charles and I force ourselves to take a minute each evening to think about why we love our children. Its my version of Oprahs gratitude journal. #Cake

Sweet "Love Notes" Envelopes for the back of their chairs. For Valentine's Day or for everyday to leave family love notes! I love finding new ways to do that :)

Love this list, not just for boys. We always think of 'dates' as going out but it can be just as special doing simple things at home with just mum or dad and not having to share or help or leave a sibling alone. Brilliant.

date ideas for moms and sons. This will help me keep my new years resolution to have mommy son dates once a month.

Take digital shots of your child's art work, then upload to snapfish to make a picture book.  You can toss the piles of old artwork, but save the book.

Clean Up Your Messy Home!

Peter Walsh holds up a Snapfish bound book of kids' art projects. "Take digital shots of your child's art work, then upload them to 'Snapfish' to make a picture book. You COULD then toss the piles of artwork, but save the book.

10 ways to "mean business" without yelling. These are really wonderful and helps you understand how to speak in their language of what they can understand without saying No no no all the time and without raising your voice.: READ LATER!

10 Ways to Stop Yelling

being a better mommy: 10 Ways to stop Yelling. I may not be yelling yet, but Fischer will one day be a toddler.I hope to avoid yelling to save my sanity for his teen years.

Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness: Simple Crafts and Recipes to Give and Spread Joy

The Random Acts of Kindness movement started in the It is attributed to Anne Herbert, a peace activist who wrote a challenge on a restaurant place mat: Practice random kindness and senseless ac