2 receiving blankets, onesie, a bowl and a spoon=baby shower cupcake!

Fold onesies into cupcakes for baby shower gift. i love this idea, super cute and easy

Unique Baby Shower Ideas | Receiving Blanket Milkshake - Unique Baby Shower Gifts and Favors

Baby Spoon + Two Washcloths = Lollipop!

Receiving Blanket Cupcakes

Baby Washcloth Cupcakes Baby Shower Idea

Diaper Wreath.....love love love this!!!!! Great DIY tutorial on how to make this adorable wreath!

I hate baby shower games, but this is hilarious....when the ice melts in your drink, and your baby floats you yell "my water broke!" Then you receive a prize!

Red Kitchen Towel Cake Housewarming Gift by MsCarlasBabyCakes, $45.00

cute baby shower gift. only 2 onesies, 2 wash clothes, baby spoon, and an ice cream bowl

Onesie cupcakes for baby shower gift...

Receiving blanket cupcakes- Good for a baby shower!

Baby Shower Burp Cloth Bouquet {homemade gift]

Diaper Bundle

Baby Washcloth Pea Pod Unique Baby Shower Gifts and by BabyBinkz,

Party Frosting: Random baby shower ideas...

Bath time gift basket for baby shower.

Baby Shower Ideas

Three onesies in a pod - How cute for a baby shower!

Cozy socks cupcake gift- A great way to give our fuzzy socks for yw BDay gifts this year