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RandA/ReadMe.txt at master · open-electronics/RandA · GitHub

NmeaParser/ at master · dotMorten/NmeaParser · GitHub

tiny-battmon/battvoltmon2.ino at master · klaasdc/tiny-battmon · GitHub

Maker Shed Microcontroller Quick Reference Chart

With all the microcontrollers and single board computers on the market, sometimes it's hard to see all your options. That's why we made up this quick reference sheet for the 8 most popular boards w...

Emperor: The $21,000 Ultimate Workstation For Ultra Geeks

Learn Basic Linux Commands with This Downloadable Cheat Sheet

Master the command line and you'll be able to perform powerful tasks with just a few keystrokes. This cheat sheet will help you remember helpful Linux commands, whether you're new to Linux or could just use a refresher.

:space_invader: Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files · klaasdc/tiny-battmon@9ed0bf7 · GitHub