Mickey's Fun Wheel, Paradise Pier, Disney California Adventure Park (Paul Hiffmeyer/© Disney)

The spinning crown jewel of one of the U.S.’s most historic amusement parks, Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel jn New York City has elevated riders since 1920. Rotating above the boardwalk, this Ferris wheel features a rare “swinging” feature, which allows 16 of the ride’s 24 gondolas to slide back and forth on a track, adding a thrilling touch of danger to the experience. It reaches a height of 150 feet and can carry 144 people at full capacity.

The Texas Star in Dallas ~ What goes better together than a good ol’ American state fair & a huge Ferris wheel?A main attraction of the annual celebration in Dallas, the LoneStarState’s main Ferris wheel is fittingly the tallest in the USA. At 212 feet in height, the attraction shows riders views of the midway below and out beyond into the vast Texas horizon, with the high-rises of nearby Dallas and distant Fort Worth as reference points. At night, the wheel is illuminated in red, white and ...

With its history of technological prowess and its love of architecture — Japan is a perfect match for the modern Ferris wheel. The elegant Diamond and Flower Ferris wheel has the tallest recreational circumference in Japan. Its 364-foot diameter is trussed together with uniquely patterned spokes. At night, the illuminated attraction glows with the crystalline and floral aspects of its name. The wheel is in Kasai Rinkai Park, which also holds an aquarium and a bird sanctuary.

Mickey's Toontown. Disneyland Park.

Tianjin Eye in China~If there’s a country where Ferris wheels are spinning into the future, it’s China. Take for instance, the sci-fi worthy TianjinEye. The 394-foot wheel straddles a bridge & is the world’s fourth-tallest. Changsha Ferris Wheel, Suzhou Ferris Wheel, and the Zhengzhou Ferris Wheel are similarly gargantuan Chinese attractions. All of these structures,however,are dwarfed by the mind-bending 525-foot span of the Star of Nanchang. Only the Singapore Flyer reaches higher in the w...

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The London Eye ~ Located in the hometown of Big Ben, the 394-foot LondonEye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. The Eye is notable for being supported on one side by a single A-frame structure. At capacity, it holds 800 passengers, & its 32 observation capsules offer some of the best panoramic views in all of London With a leisurely rotation that takes 30min,a ride on the Eye provides plenty of time for photography and long-distance gazing across one of the most historic cities on the pla...

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Grizzly River Run in Disneyland, California.

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You might lk singing a fewbars of classic song,“Volare” while coursing around theEurowheel @Petra Kos,an amusementpark nearRavenna,Italy The classicEurowheel is Europe’s 2nd-highest F wheel, w/ a vertical reach of 270ft Mirabilandia offers all the classic amusement park experiences,fr roller coasters 2 H2O rides For quiet moments,stroll thru theGardens,Mirabilandia’s naturalside. Visitors can also visit historic Ravenna,which was a capital of the WesternRomanEmpire home 2many masterpieces

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