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Ok..... Yay! 10 min later: Why did I get in the van?! I say as I stagger out. I have signatures all over myself, the poster I had is now signed, along with the album, and my twitter account has 5 new amazing followers, my phone has some very special new contacts, and is completely loaded with photos! Now that I think about it, WHY DID I GET OFF THE VAN?!!!!!!!!!!!!


No more trash on the streets…

I kind of like this mean, it would actually #interesting ads #funny commercial #funny commercial ads|


true story... @Leslie Lippi Lippi Lippi Reavis @Paige Hereford Hereford Hereford Robison @Natasha S S S Tatum Sayers @shelby c c c James @Megan Ward Ward Ward Tiff @Blake Coglianese Coglianese Coglianese Heacock @Sara Eriksson Eriksson Jamil Atkinson