eddie murphy -snl skit Mr.rogers -

One of the funniest SNL skits of all time!

Justin timberlake is freakin' hilarious! Soup there it is... I love this SNL skit! One of my favorites.

hahaha i love this SNL skit :)

will ferrell...one of THE funniest SNL skits ever!!!

"LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING" girls will understand... one of the best SNL short skits ever! @Megan Turner @Tiffany Young

Eddie Murphy SNL skit "buh weet sings". Mimicked this one yesterday to my little sister. So old school. So funny.

one of the best SNL skits ever.

SNL! love this skit

One of my favorite SNL skits EVER.

This one has to be one of the best SNL skits EVER!!! Haha! It got me hooked on the whole show!


saturday night live, I got a fever! I need more cowbell!


One of the absolute best Saturday Night Live skits ever.

Saturday Night Live. One of my favorite skits ever.

Saturday Night Live Tina and Amy

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Molly Shannon as MARY CATHERINE GALLAGHER (Superstar) on Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy

Totally my name if I ever make it on Jeopardy! lol One of the best SNL skits ever!!