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Love love Cleome. This I think was Señorita Rosalita , I also think it's a sterile variety and won't reseed. But they attract butterflies and bees, bloom all summer and grow quickly into a huge 3 1/2 ft bush filled with lovely dainty flowers.

Heliotrope - they like the sun or part shade. Purple blooms attract butterflies

Gazania, I just love these. Plant them in loose soil, feed them regularly and make sure they are in SUN! At the hint of shade or sunset, the blooms go away. Not a good cut flower for indoors...hah

Begonia " Big" series shown on the left, has to be hands down, one of the best summer plants ever grown. It took the shade for 2 months, then I moved it into the sun for 2 months. It just bloomed and withstood whatever I dished out. It didn't mind too much when I failed to water it, when the sun was too hot, the shade too deep. We sold these for about $10-15 for a big 12" hanging basket. Of course I took the hanger off and planted it in a slightly larger pot. Not enough good words to…

I guess we were trying out some succulents. They take a long time to grow.

Celosia fire. Nice. By the way, you locals..all these quart containers were $3.99 3 for $10.99. It was a good deal.