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Epic Text-Daughter looses her ride.

Funny text - Epic fail dad - http://jokideo.com/funny-text-epic-fail-dad/

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Epic text

Epic text

Epic text - I got a dog - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-i-got-a-dog/

Epic text - Good night - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-good-night/

Epic text - Every guy is.. - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-every-guy-is/

#Epic #Texts

#Epic #Texts

Epic text fails :)

Epic Text!

#Epic #Texts

Epic text - Lost phone - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-lost-phone/

Epic text - Your party was awesome - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-your-party-was-awesome/

Epic text - Awesome prank - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-awesome-prank/


Epic text - Mom I am freaking out - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-mom-i-am-freaking-out/

Epic text - Dad I got suspended - http://jokideo.com/

Epic text - and this is crazy - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-and-this-is-crazy/

Epic text - Are you swiper - http://jokideo.com/epic-text-are-you-swiper/