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    Hall pass

    8 funny & sarcastic meme hall/bathroom passes

    First day class rules: I actually have this taped to the inside of my classroom door. After my students see these (and chuckle a little), my rules don't seem so bad.

    This teacher is AMAZING!! You have to watch this video to see her management techniques and the way her students are HIGHLY engaged! Wow!


    Pinner said: You better clear a few hours for this website. It's like a Pinterest of classroom setups

    I've done this before, it's hilarious...I feel like the kids need this at this time of the year!

    Homework pass

    First week of school ideas (for older grades) -- great teaching blog to follow as well

    Oh Middle School... school

    I created these for my intermediate students and they really bought into it. I started off writing them myself, but as time passed we took the time to learn how to write sincere, detailed praise and thanks and it took off from there. Looks great on coloured paper and taped to the entrance of the classroom door. At the end of the year, pile up each student's 'shout-outs' and present them. I have pinned a couple other templates - for variety on the wall.

    If you didn't get the grade you wanted, it's highly possible that I didn't get the work that I wanted.


    This was a sub plan. My students made a "Facebook" page on JS Bach. They read two biography pages about him and filled out a FB page. Work was displayed in the hall. I found the template on

    markers inside "eraser" - when passing out, the students don't know what color they'll get = no arguing

    I would use this in my classroom, as it is good to reward your students. Giving them something to work towards that is fun will encourage them to do the right thing. I want to have a controlled classroom! The best classroom in the school!(:

    Some wisdom to pass onto your students.

    NOISE...removing one letter at a time when our voice level gets too loud. When NO is left, there is NO more talking!

    Good Idea to pass around at the end of the day when students are sitting and waiting for dismissal :)

    Use command hooks to hang baskets on the hall! Great for differentiating write the room activities!

    Middle School Science: My bulletin board last year. Now to come up with this year's.....