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13 Best Ideas On How To Handle With child Tantrums

Below are some techniques to handle flaring temper among kids and help you establish a great mother-child relationship.

Teaching Your Children About Marriage

Some really good advice on this one. It ellaborates on all 10 of these categories: 1. Respect your husband. 2. Never point out his mistakes in front of the kids 3. Do not argue in front of the kids 4. Never talk bad about your husband to anyone, especially your children 5. Be his helpmate 6. Laugh with him 7.Show physical displays of affection 8. Be an example of compromise 9. Pray with your husband 10. Pray for your husband often


Emmy and I talk about the importance of being brave and kind all of the time. Smart, pretty, etc: those things dont matter nearly as much as being kind to everyone and being brave with your own life. These are some other great talking points as well....

FREE PRINTABLE. 30 questions to ask your kids to get to know their heart. These questions are designed to get your kids talking and sharing their hearts and minds with excitement.

3 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Night

Use your nighttime routine to foster open communication with your child. Talking about these things will helps your child go to bed happily and peacefully, and will warm your heart at the same time!