1. Part a small section in front for your bang, and pin it up. 2. Put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail. 3. Take down your bangs, and roll any access hair under and pin. 4. Finish with a head scarf, I wrapped it once and tied it into a bow.

Easy Retro Hair: 1. Make a front part for bangs and put the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. 2. Begin rolling your bangs. 3. Secure with hair pins. 4. This is how your finished bang should look. 5. For this step I have longer hair so I'm taking the hair tie out and only using pins for my bun. For shorter hair, leave your hair in the low ponytail. 6. Twist ponytail into a small bun. 7. Secure firmly with hair pins. 8. Tie a headscarf around your head and in the front, tie two kn...

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Flat Twist and High Puff Updo (Natural Hair)

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Cute twist

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Middle part low ponytail

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ebonypeace: FLAT TWIST OUT Everyone knows that my go-to-style is a wash-N-Go but I loved the outcome of my flat twists this weekend. I did a side part and flat twisted the back straight back (with no perm rods) then the front towards my face for a big layered bang. I used perm rods in the front for definition and to shorten my front since my bangs are really long now. I also placed a bobby pin on the front flat twists to keep them in place! This is one of my new favorite styles and my hair ...

Cute twist out.

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Nightly routine to preserve my curls without heat :0) 1. Add a light oil to the ends (kills frizz) 2. Pin curl the top 3. Wrap the back around to the front. 4. Type head scarf around wrapped part only. 5. Put bonnet over pin curls. 6 (next day) comb out wrapped part. 7. Take down the pin curls and fluffy out. 8. BE GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS! *twirls, twirls*

How I styled me box braids. 1. Created an upside down French braid 2. Braided all the way to the ends 3. Pin curled (rolled) then secured with Bobby pins 4. Added scarf

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Cascading French Roll