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A. Abbas - Kyoto. 2010. MYOSHIN-JI Buddhist temple complex of the Zen Rinzai school. A monk of the TENJU-IN monastery begs for alms in the streets of the city.

Abbas CHINA. Tibet. Lhasa. A Buddhist pilgrim performs the ritual of prostration around the JOKHANG Temple, another uses his cellphone. The thermos bottles hold yak butter for lamps inside the temple.

A. Abbas - Laos. 2008. Luang Prabang. Wat XIENG THONG, A monk adjusts his saffron robe in front of the elaborate murals of the temple.

Abbas AFGHANISTAN. City of Kabul. 2001. A guardian of the National Gallery exhibits a painting of two naked women which was taken off its frame by the Taliban to be locked off in a gallery's room.

EGYPT. Alexandria backview. At the beginning of the century, this port city was famous for its aristocratic and cosmopolitan cultural life. It is now as hopelessly overcrowded as any city in Egypt. Fundamentalists hope to draw from this vast reservoir of human frustration to further their cause. photo by Abbas

abbas(1944- ), afghanistan. kabul region. city of kabul. an old man reads from the koran in his courtyard. 1986.