Always stay grateful

"No matter how bad things get, they could always get worse." (A quote from the movie Ever After ) A healthy mindset isn't ours by d.

That’s the best feeling ever. ❤️✨

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A million times over and it doubles everyday I am with you my beautiful wife!!!

If only one is enough. If only I'm enough. Love is enough. Need me enough like I need you

masonrosemedia: “You have to remind yourself sometimes uno… Life is hard sometimes! then you read this and remember, the best things in life are free!

Actually, I can do everything you said I couldn't, be everything you said I wouldn't. God made me and He says I can so watch me! I will break through those negative opinions and continue making my life amazing!

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Live like you are loved. Perfect love casteth out fear. Everything you want is on the other side of fear ~Jack Canfield

So I've learned.

the grass is green where you water it // Anelise Salvo Design Co. If you want a happy, healthy, "green" relationship, you must water it frequently.