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    Nail Polish as Button Securer Apply a thin layer of polish to the center of a button to keep the thread from coming loose.

    • Elaine Gilbert

      Clear nail polish will keep your buttons on nail polish life buttons organization life hacks cool diy ideas life hack ideas

    • Cassi Murakami

      Tips | LAUNDRY :: Nail Polish Button Securer :: Apply a layer of clear nail polish to the threads on top of dress-shirt buttons. The nail polish will help the threads endure the heat of laundering, keeping the buttons on the shirt longer.

    • Megan

      Dab some clear nail polish on a button that's ~about~ to pop off, but hasn't yet. You’ll still want to sew it back on securely later, but this will hold things for a day if you’re in a hurry.

    • Link to Good Health

      Nail Polish Button Secure Trick - put clear nail polish on the threads so they don't come loose... You will never loose another button again!

    • Joyce Lilly

      What's a "Life Hack?" It's a simple idea that can make your life easier... like using clear nail polish on a button to keep the thread from fraying!Check out these other great ideas we found:

    • Fatima Shali

      Apply a thin layer of nailpolish to the center of a #button to keep the thread from coming loose.

    • Lauren Sorrentino

      use a dab of clear nail polish to keep buttons from coming loose @Marisa Sorrentino

    • rachel p

      from lifehacker: use nail polish to keep buttons from falling off your shirt

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