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I’ll show you what one minute means…

Who the fuck cuts green day short for usher or even anyone? Like seriously, its green day.> For real though, I'd definitely rather see greenday over usher or Justin beaver (I know what I said)

Of course it does I mean Rap is all about 'I have money fu** me' and then Rock is about (MCR for example the Danger Days era) not to cart about what other people think of you I'd rather have the Rock but whatever

Three Days Grace: taught me its hard but you get through it, never loose hope. Black Veil Brides taught me it's ok to be different. These bands mean more to me than most people.

"cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all - 3 Days Grace" . This is prophetic in that passion has built in weights and counter measures. Passion is the deep feeling love brings to those who know there may be bumps in the road. The pain is the knowledge that while life is great a disagreement handled correctly while a pain can end up in the BEST make up sex ever !

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Terrible things - Mayday Parade. My favorite song. Favorite quote.

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three days grace(:

"In a land of make believe, that don't believe in me" Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia