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“ The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. ” ~ Albert Einstein #difference #stupidity #genius #limits #AlbertEinstein #quotes #quoteoftheday #thoughtfortheday

Line upon Line Learningfrom Line upon Line Learning

Inspiration Sunday: Understand to Teach

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." Albert Einstein #quotes

Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively - Dalai Lama XIV #dalailama quote

Lifehackfrom Lifehack

30 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes Of All Time

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects." ~ Albert Einstein #quote

This quote is pure truth.  I say this to myself almost daily.  A year from now, you will wish you had started today.