Paint Chip matching game using paint chips, wooden pegs and glue.

Fun fine motor activities for kids.

Introducing.... THE GLUE SPONGE! You just cut a sponge to fit in a container, pour glue it, and the kids can just press their little cut-up pieces of paper on it. No more globby glue puddles! What a great idea for kids and adults!

Picking up worms (pipe cleaners) with beaks (clothespins)! FUN!! Fine motor for kids

The Autism Tank: Color Matching Work Task

spelling words w/ clothes pin letters (fine motor and literacy)

Paint chips for a color matching file folder game

Outdoor Color match - punch holes in paint chips and see if they can find it in nature

Mini busy bag ideas

This would be FUNNY! Dice with emotions animals--kids have to act them out. A great rainy day game for the kids!

DIY Montessori colour gradient matching activity via Racheous - Lovable Learning

Cool off with your kids in the summer! 12 fun outdoor water games #craft #play #parenting

Use gems or other small objects to practice correct number formation on our number play dough mats. Great fine motor activity and super fun!

Color in each circle with matching crayon color

paintchip reading...big list here

Name Craft - Great for fine motor skills!


shades of colors with paint samples

pushing puff balls--this whole blog has great toddler activities.

Use paint chips to teach fractions on a number line. Don't know why I didn't think of this before now! It's a great visual of equal parts.